SEKTION Kitchen Cabinet Fronts

Get a custom looking kitchen without the hefty costs. Just start with IKEA SEKTION bases, and add your own personal touch with Nieu made to order products.

Where to start? How about here.

IKEA is known for their affordable, yet well made cabinet boxes and accessories. Our custom fronts seamlessly integrate with the SEKTION system for a designer looking kitchen.

We’ve made it easy to design, plan, and build a space that’s uniquely yours.

Why Nieu?

  • Seamless integration with the SEKTION system
  • Custom doors, drawer faces, panels & trim
  • Craftsmanship that’s made to order
  • Designer curated styles & colors
  • Expert customer service
  • Made in North America

Your IKEA SEKTION Hack Awaits

A couple measures their wall for a new entertainment unit.

Step 1: Measure

  • Measure your kitchen. Note the windows, doors, bulkheads, utilities, and anything else that might affect the placement of your cabinets.
  • Design your dream space with the IKEA kitchen planner.
  • Download your planner PDF, with the IKEA doors still on. 
  • Want some samples? Check out our sample kit to pick your favorite style and color.
A woman wearing a headset takes a meeting on her computer.

Step 2: Verify

  • Verify your room and cabinet measurements
  • Select your cabinet door style and color 
  • Email Nieu your IKEA Planner PDF and your Nieu door selections 
  • We will setup a free consultation to review your project and provide assistance on pricing
White shaker cabinet in a modern kitchen with marble imitation quartz countertops.

Step 3: Order

  • Order your Nieu items: cabinet doors, drawer faces, drawer boxes, panels, and toekick 
  • Order your IKEA items: cabinet boxes, hinges, drawers, and applicable accessories
  • At any point in the process (design, plan, build), reach out to our team of experts for help
  • Receive your products and install using the IKEA instructions.

“Using Nieu doors on our SEKTION cabinets, we found the perfect style, quality, and price balance. Our dream kitchen was possible at a fraction of the cost of going fully custom, and we installed it ourselves!”

Black shaker cabinet doors with a stainless steel dishwasher and gold sink faucet.

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We are in this together at every step. We will assist you with design and installation. When we ship your order, it will be perfect. If not, we’ll make it right.



We know you want to get started on that project! We’re happy to deliver to you in the comfort and safety of your own home, fast!



Our doors are of the highest quality MDF, custom made and backed by 20 years of manufacturing experience servicing the professional market.