Custom Cabinet Doors for IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Cabinet Doors for IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

IKEA is a household name for home décor and furnishings, but also for their kitchen cabinet system. Beyond just furniture, IKEA is known for durable products, long warranties, and affordable prices, which make IKEA kitchens a popular choice for homeowners on a budget. When designing your IKEA kitchen if you’re looking to make it look more custom while maintaining a reasonable budget, Nieu Cabinet Doors provides color and style options beyond the standard IKEA offerings, to elevate your space and get the custom kitchen of your dreams. 

Why are IKEA kitchen cabinets so popular?

IKEA is known for their durable products, excellent warranties, and low prices. In the cabinetry space, they’re known for being one of the few companies that allows you to order your kitchen completely modularly. What does that mean? You can order IKEA cabinet boxes only, and source custom doors, drawers, panels, and accessories to enhance your look.  

A photo of a white shaker kitchen with a brick backsplash, large window, and stainless steel appliances.
White shaker cabinet doors brighten your space and are great for resale.

Expand the Design Possibilities of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Although IKEA has a variety of cabinet door styles and colors to choose from, they offer one or two colors in each style. You might find you love a certain color, or have your heart set on a style, but that color + style don’t match up to make your dream kitchen. By going with custom doors for IKEA cabinets, you can widen the range of options to find kitchen cabinet doors you adore. 

Cabinet Doors for IKEA Sektion and Akurum Systems

In 2015, IKEA discontinued their line of kitchen cabinets called “Akurum” and replaced them with “Sektion” kitchen cabinets. While IKEA continues to sell a variety of doors for Sektion systems, customers with an older IKEA kitchen are often worried they have to completely replace their kitchen just to update the doors. No need to worry! 

If you are refacing an IKEA kitchen, we can work together to get new doors in the style and color of your choice. For refacing an IKEA Akurum kitchen, we will need you to measure your doors, drawer faces, filler and panels using this video to help. For either kitchen system, if you have your IKEA plans, don’t be shy to share them with us. 

Custom Doors for IKEA Kitchens

Nieu Cabinet Doors offers made to measure, custom cabinet doors for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more. For a DIY homeowner, our products can service refacing projects, or entirely new kitchens. If you have some good assembly skills and just need doors to upgrade your IKEA cabinets, we’re proud to offer custom doors for you to achieve your dream space. Simply send us your IKEA kitchen plans, and we can make your custom doors.  

When ordering your IKEA kitchen, you’ll need to order it without facings – which means doors, drawer fronts, panels, toekick, filler and trim. If you’d like to order our dovetail drawer boxes instead of the IKEA drawer selection, leave those off your IKEA order and get in touch.  

Grey Shaker Cabinet Doors

Custom cabinet doors for IKEA vanities, media systems, and wardrobes

The beauty of custom made products is that you can repeat a cabinet door style throughout your home to create a seamless, cohesive look. With entirely made to measure cabinet doors, we are able to make high quality, custom doors for IKEA Godmorgon (bathroom vanities), IKEA Besta (media systems), and even IKEA PAX (wardrobes).  

Have fun with your kitchen renovation plans by mixing styles and colors throughout your home, or use one door style in various colors to tailor the look to the specific taste of each room. If you’re curious if you can tackle a project, why not start small with a washroom or laundry room before tackling your new IKEA kitchen?  

Get the look of IKEA kitchen cabinet doors

Here’s a quick comparison of which common IKEA door styles are most similar to Nieu doors. All Nieu door styles are available in 10 standard colors, or we’re happy to do a custom paint job for a small additional fee, just let us know.  

  • Grimslov door, available in off-white only = Nieu Shaker cabinet door 
  • Bodbyn door, available in three colors = Nieu Raised cabinet door 
  • Akstad door, available in one color = Nieu Stepped Shaker or Framed cabinet door 

How to use the IKEA kitchen planner to order your new kitchen

Using the IKEA kitchen planner tool, design your kitchen using the doors provided within the planning tool. You’ll need to start with dimensions of your room, doors and windows, and any other objects. The tool does a great job of walking you through the steps to start building your design.  

1.      Start by inputting the dimensions of your appliances, either new or existing 

2.      Insert your sink cabinet, and any corner cabinets you may need. 

3.      Work within the remaining area to insert all of your base cabinets around your appliances, sink, and corner cabinets. 

4.      Move onto upper cabinets following the same process as above.  

5.      When you’re happy with your design, make sure to carefully double check your measurements and save your plans. 

6.      Send us a copy of your IKEA planner PDF, called “Itemlist” in the tool. 

7.      When ordering your IKEA cabinets: make sure to remove all of the following: doors, drawer fronts, toekick, end panels, filler and trim. You can also ask at your local IKEA store if you are placing your order in person. 

8.      Please note if you are ordering our custom dovetail drawer boxes, you’ll need to remove the drawers from your IKEA order. 

A white shaker style kitchen with decorative items in red on the counter.

IKEA Kitchens Made Custom

To summarize, if you’re looking for durability, IKEA kitchen cabinet boxes are a great choice. For the custom kitchen of your dreams, enhancing the style and color options available to you with custom doors means that a kitchen from the magazines doesn’t have to be out of budget!  

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