A closeup image of slim shaker cabinet doors in a rich dark green with aged brass handles.

HGTV “Cabinets with Attitude”

The introduction of our recent collection with Angela Rose Home brought two fresh looks to the timeless shaker door.

Two styles, the Angela Rose Slim Shaker and Angela Rose Slim Shaker Detail are available in 14 standard colors to take your DIY cabinetry project to the next level.

HGTV “Cabinets with Attitude” is the perfect description for this fresh collection that enables you to transform existing cabinets through refacing, customizing IKEA cabinets, adding doors to cabinets you built yourself, or any combination in between.

An image of a tall wall of pantry cabinets in a dark green color, with a woman standing in front.
The Angela Rose Home collection gives your cabinets attitude! Photo by @angelarosehome.

As part of the collection, we’ve introduced three new colors: Only Olive, Dream Dusk, and Bonny Black. These earth-toned neutrals add an accent color to your space, or create a moody and inviting retreat within your home. Paired with white cabinets as an accent color, or stand-alone for a dramatic look, how are you going to give YOUR cabinets some attitude?

A closeup image of shaker style cabinet doors in a dark green color with aged brass handles.
The Angela Rose Slim Shaker in Dream Dusk. Photo by @angelarosehome.

A photo of two small white cabinet doors on a countertop surrounded by square paint samples, a paper guide and a box.

Samples Starting at $35USD

Order the kitchen cabinet door style you’d like to see, and we’ll ship you a 9″ x 12″ sample cabinet door.

Just got my sample kit! I’m so glad I found your page because Shaker cabinets have been on my wishlist but a total kitchen overhaul isn’t in the budget.


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